28 августа 2010 г.

Craft of the day

Творческая часть моего дня сегодня опять была посвящена шерсти. Впервые я попробовала красить не пряжу, а ровницу. А еще в этот раз я все делала в микроволновке. С уветами напутала, но когда уже все размешала, решила все же попробовать. Даже прясть попробовала =))

Теперь хочу попробовать окрас в осенней палитре

My crafty part of the day was dedicated  to wool (again). It was the first time I tried to dye not yarn, but roving. Everything turned out absolutely wrong, or I should say not the way I wanted. When I prepared my dyes they turned to be different colors than I expected. Red was supposed to be teal and green was supposed to be darker. After I saw my mistake, I still decided to go ahead and try. I chose the microwave method this time, not the slowcooker, and loved it. Well, it's much faster and with 2 kids it's much easier. Then rinsed, dried, and could not wait to start spinning. So I can even show you the sample - single ply on a spindle and 2-ply tiny skein.

Plan to do more in the next couple of days - fall colors, what do you think?

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