30 сентября 2010 г.

Leaf Fall Handspun - Листопад

Look what I spun from my handpainted roving that I have shown you already. I plied it with itself and added a strand of my handpainted and handspun silk for lustre and strength. Called it "Leaf Fall" as it reminds me of the forest in the fall - a all kind of colored leaves - yellow, orange, purple, red, green, brown, tiny patches of blue sky, grass, soil... Too bad it does not smell of fall forest! I truly love it!!! This yarn is available for purchase in my ETSY Shop here

Вот что спрялось у меня из ранее показанного ровинга! Пряла шерсть мериноса на веретене, соединяла  2 нитки (одной пряжи) и еще добавила шелку который тоже сама красила и пряла. Назвала эту пряжу Листопад, уж очень она мне напоминает осенний лес, где и листья разноцветные - желтые, оранжевые, красные, фиолетовые, зеленые, красное, небо видно только  небольшими голубыми кусочками, трава, земля.... Жаль только что моточек не пахнет осенним лесом... Я сама влюбилась в этот моточек. Его теперь, кстати можно купить у меня в магазине.

24 сентября 2010 г.

Roving painting

After my first attempt to dye roving (which I showed here) I was not very satisfied with the results and tried once more. This time I painted my roving with all the different colors with paint brush. I can honestly say, I loved the result. Look at it! I have already started to spin it, and will show it off in the near future...

Вот мой второй опыт крашения шерсти. В этот раз красила кистями, как художник. Очень и очень довольна результатом. Я смотрела на нее смотрела и решила все таки взяться и спрясть, она уже почти готова, скоро покажу результат. Правда, по секрету скажу в виде ровинга она мне больше нравится, но все равно, я чувствую прогресс. Пряла на веретене, теперь мечтаю о прялке... Но стоит она 600$, так что это все мечты-мечты....

Crib storage

Here is what I've sewn to store Danil's receiving blankets. It does lack embellishment though. Any suggestions?

Вот что сшилось у меня на Данькину кроватку. Теперь там хранятся пеленки и полотенца. Правда украшалок маловато (совсем нет), но на такой ткани все теряется, может вы что нибудь подскажете???

11 сентября 2010 г.

10 things I love

I was invited into this game by Olga ChudoOlya, who wrote up 10 things she loves and passed it on to me. It was a couple days ago, but I had some health problems and was on narcotic painkillers, so I was in no state to blog. So here we go:
1 - Just after these days I can say how much I love to be pain free. I wish no one ever had to experience any pain, but happily flutter around like buterrflies. Great health to everyone! Especially children...
2- I love my family. My mom and grandmas, my husband and kids. I just was reading some girl's blog and there she says that in every life, people who are comfortable with each other meet and live together. I don't know if that's exactly what I believe in, but that's what happened to me. When I met my husband, I knew he is the person I am going to be comfortable with. We dated 5 days, and then lived together for 2 weeks, and then got married. Crazy? May be. But here is my "happily ever after" and I love it.
3- I love crafting. And reading about crafting. And with so many creative blogs out there I now read more than craft. And I hate love it. Darn, I'm addicted
4- I love to walk amongst trees and kick yellow fallen leaves and breath is fall air. Yes, now is my time.
5-I love family getaways. No comments.
6- I love nature. Love camping, walking and spending time out of the city.
7- I love recycling/upcycling - I am ecoholic. My husband is not. Or at least he says he is not. But after 4 years of marriage, I think he is, he is just teasing me.
8-I love to have my own apartment and do what I want here and organize (or pretend to) the way I want. Love it, love, love.
9-I love freecycle. Thanks to all those people recycling and giving away. Although I really don't get much there, usually I give - but still the community is great
10- I love to be alone. Seriously I do. I really value these moments when everyone is asleep. And I wish I could also be alone sometimes outside of the house... But that's impossible.

Really random. I have so many things I love - more and less global... I will dublicate this message in Russian tomorrow. I invite all my followers into this game. I want to think and write about 10 things you love.

4 сентября 2010 г.


If you've ever watched a movie Pay It Forward you know PIF rules. I'm not sure if this is at all popular amongst english speaking scrapbookers, but is very popular in russian handmade community. A person who receives a PIF gift from someone must give three handmade gifts to other people and so on. Today I became one of the people Kseniya is going to be making a PIF gift. So it is now my turn to call out three people who want to play this nice game. If' you'd like to join, leave you comment below, but remember, that once you are signed up you must give out three handmade gifts to three people who sign up in your blog, so the thing can keep going and the joy spreading! You have 1 year to complete your gifts. First 3 people who comment are in!

Я сегодня записалась в ПИФочки к замечательной девушке Ксении ну и соответственно набираю себе еще 3 ПИФочек. Всем трем я обязуюсь сделать рукотворные подарочки в течении года, а они в свою очередь должны будут осчастливить еще 3 человек каждая и т.д. Если кто вдруг не знаком с правилами - спрашивайте. В комментах можно записаться!