28 августа 2010 г.

Craft of the day

Творческая часть моего дня сегодня опять была посвящена шерсти. Впервые я попробовала красить не пряжу, а ровницу. А еще в этот раз я все делала в микроволновке. С уветами напутала, но когда уже все размешала, решила все же попробовать. Даже прясть попробовала =))

Теперь хочу попробовать окрас в осенней палитре

My crafty part of the day was dedicated  to wool (again). It was the first time I tried to dye not yarn, but roving. Everything turned out absolutely wrong, or I should say not the way I wanted. When I prepared my dyes they turned to be different colors than I expected. Red was supposed to be teal and green was supposed to be darker. After I saw my mistake, I still decided to go ahead and try. I chose the microwave method this time, not the slowcooker, and loved it. Well, it's much faster and with 2 kids it's much easier. Then rinsed, dried, and could not wait to start spinning. So I can even show you the sample - single ply on a spindle and 2-ply tiny skein.

Plan to do more in the next couple of days - fall colors, what do you think?

27 августа 2010 г.

Button stash buster

Давно давно уже хотела оживить эту лампу для детской комнаты, и все руки не доходили. А сегодня у меня случилось настроение покрафтить вместе с Полей, тут то я про нее и вспомнила.
Пуговки клеили на горячий клей, все делали аккуратно и Поля не обожглась. На две задние панельки пуговок нам не хватило, но это ничего, мне еще есть где их поискать и доделать.

I've been thinking of making this for about a year now, but it was never high up on my list of projects, so I never got to it. Today I wanted to make something together with Polina, so finally I got to it.

It was a nursery lamp with plain fabric shade that was given to us by my mother-in-law. And although I usually prefer plain and simple objects, I thought it did lack some embellishements. So we went through my button drawer and found lots of pearly looking buttons in pastel colors and glued them with hot glue gun. Although the pile of buttons seemed huge, we did not have enough to complete the shade, we still got 2 sides left. But, I should check some other hiding places for more buttons, I may find more. It's was a bit slow and painful to make this with Polina, but I guess, I should have organized it better in the first place. Honestly I haven't been doing a lot of crafts with her yet, so it was our first project together. Not bad for a start, what do you think?

19 августа 2010 г.

Together and Apart

Мама приезжала к нам на месяц! Просто замечательное, золотое время! Сегодня она уехала и мне очень, очень грустно. Меня просто рвет на части и я даже сказать ничего не могу. Я очень люблю свою семью, я только ненавижу расстояние, которое нас разделяет.

My mother was visiting with us for a month. What a wonderful time it has been! She has left today and I just can't pull myself together. I have no idea when I'll be able to see her again. In one of the movies I watched last week someone said something like -you have to watch your loved once go, how else would you know how much you love them-. It's unbelievably painful to say good bye, even if it's not forever. The only thing I really truly hate in my life - is to be so far away from my family.

11 августа 2010 г.

Baby Announcement

Well, I'm very slow as I'm still recovering, but here it is:

Our new baby, Danil, was born on July 29 at 1.32 am 

Weight: 4490g
Height: 57.5cm

While I am truly enjoying bonding with our new baby, I hope to recover and return back to blogging soon.