11 сентября 2010 г.

10 things I love

I was invited into this game by Olga ChudoOlya, who wrote up 10 things she loves and passed it on to me. It was a couple days ago, but I had some health problems and was on narcotic painkillers, so I was in no state to blog. So here we go:
1 - Just after these days I can say how much I love to be pain free. I wish no one ever had to experience any pain, but happily flutter around like buterrflies. Great health to everyone! Especially children...
2- I love my family. My mom and grandmas, my husband and kids. I just was reading some girl's blog and there she says that in every life, people who are comfortable with each other meet and live together. I don't know if that's exactly what I believe in, but that's what happened to me. When I met my husband, I knew he is the person I am going to be comfortable with. We dated 5 days, and then lived together for 2 weeks, and then got married. Crazy? May be. But here is my "happily ever after" and I love it.
3- I love crafting. And reading about crafting. And with so many creative blogs out there I now read more than craft. And I hate love it. Darn, I'm addicted
4- I love to walk amongst trees and kick yellow fallen leaves and breath is fall air. Yes, now is my time.
5-I love family getaways. No comments.
6- I love nature. Love camping, walking and spending time out of the city.
7- I love recycling/upcycling - I am ecoholic. My husband is not. Or at least he says he is not. But after 4 years of marriage, I think he is, he is just teasing me.
8-I love to have my own apartment and do what I want here and organize (or pretend to) the way I want. Love it, love, love.
9-I love freecycle. Thanks to all those people recycling and giving away. Although I really don't get much there, usually I give - but still the community is great
10- I love to be alone. Seriously I do. I really value these moments when everyone is asleep. And I wish I could also be alone sometimes outside of the house... But that's impossible.

Really random. I have so many things I love - more and less global... I will dublicate this message in Russian tomorrow. I invite all my followers into this game. I want to think and write about 10 things you love.

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