8 июня 2010 г.

Hi and Welcome!

I really don't like this first posts, introductions and anything of this sort as I never know what to tell about myself. So I'll skip it for now, and may be later I will add an "About me " page. So lets talk crafts now. I really enjoy many, as I hope you will be able to find out for yourself. I really love the beauty of the simple things. The simpler the creation the more I love it, and not only because I am too lazy to make it more complicated (well, a little bit of that too) but that is just what inspires me most of the time - simplicity and practicality. Therefore most of the time my creations are made to satisfy my current needs (and those of my family) and are fairly simple. Now for example, we are expecting another addition to our family - our second child, and I am exploring the world of cloth diapers (and making them). So I in the next post I will tell you what I have found and share what I have made. Later on (when my baby is born) I will blog about my experience with all of them.

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